Usage of Protocol 41 seems a blockage to home users

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Usage of Protocol 41 seems a blockage to home users

Post by kennylam » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:51 pm


Since protocol 41 is used for IPv6 over IPv4, both of endpoints are required to have a specific IP address. While there is no ways (e.g Web API) for automated system to updates its current IP address, implied that the IP address used by client should be static as well, which is impractical for home users in HK.

Furthermore, most mobile internet service provider assign only a private (non-routable) ip address to its users, which save IP addresses by using NAT, almost all users aren't able to uses the tunnel service provided by goIPv6.

Are there any planned alternative ways that enable home users to use goIPv6's tunnel?

p.s Already deployed's tunnel in office environment for a year, without speed limit and rated 50Mbps+ in actual test.

Ben Lee
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Re: Usage of Protocol 41 seems a blockage to home users

Post by Ben Lee » Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:55 pm

Hi Kenny, thank you for the question and comment.

The goIPv6 service works for users with dynamic IP address or with fixed IP address.

It is right that home users do not have fixed IP address. We see that users now-a-days may have their own router (such as WIFI router for multiple gadgets, in addition to the computer, at home) which is usually kept always-on. Hence the IP address seldom changes. In case the IP address is changed, the users could, with some effort, reconfigure his client configurations, as well as recreate the tunnel at our service website. Some reconfiguration effort is inevitable.

We have no intention to support mobile device initially and is uncertain whether the mobile protocol stack could support the protocol 41.
If you have additional info about this, we would be grateful if you could let us know and follow up.

Your suggestions to improve our service are most welcome.
Thank you.

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